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what is Pro VPN

what is HideMyAss Pro VPN

HMA Pro VPN is a virtual private network that acts as s secure Internet connection. It is an add-on program for those who want extra protection while on the Internet.

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Private Online Activity

Keep Your Online Activity Private

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Why Use VPN

Why use HMA Pro VPN?

HMA Pro VPN is a VPN, better known as a Virtual Private Network, was developed to provide electronic encryptment of Internet activity.

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HMA Pro VPN Review

There are a number of Internet security systems on the market that claim to keep an internet connection anonymous and safe from intruders and spying eyes. HMA Pro VPN is one of the leaders in Internet security industry and on the forefront of always developing better ways to protect consumers. Internet thugs make an effort to stay ahead of the best security measures on the World Wide Web, but HMA Pro VPN is one of the better security screens on the market today.

HMA Pro VPN covers an internet connection in privacy by assigning a random IP address to each computer connection, while hiding the real IP address. This allows the web surfer to be online without being tracked by Internet spy’s looking to snag someone else’s data. This is especially important while working with sensitive data or using a public internet connection.

HMA Pro VPN utilizes a virtual private network (VPN) system that adds an extra layer of security by providing a firewall as part of the VPN. The servers are located all over the world with more than 18,000 IP addresses available to its customers. Customers have the ability to connect to any computer worldwide and change IP addresses during an Internet session. That will really throw a spy off track if they are trying to checkout your every move.

HMA Pro VPN is easy to down load and set up with the download manager. The program is fairly simple to use and it does not require any special skills to operate the program.  A user can be up and running in about an hour. Support is available to users who have questions or run into problems. Help can be found through online chat, which is available 12 hours per day or email support. HMA Pro VPN has member forums up and running as a place for members to discuss the internet security hot topics of the day or ask others questions and often find answers and help from other members. Technical support often monitors the forums and jump in with answers and solutions, as well.

The program is available with a monthly subscription.  There is a 30 day guarantee money return policy by signing up for a month and pay the fee. Test the drive the program for a while and if you wish to cancel the membership, cancel the program within 30 days and HMA Pro VPN will refund your money.